Flamebond meetings connect business solution providers with their potential clients – high-level decision-makers and experts. Participants discuss good practices and new concepts that are aimed at developing their companies and themselves. 

Each meeting has only one partner. That is why it is possible to select the participants very precisely in such a way that their knowledge and experience are vital for the partner and other members of the group.


Light up the FLAMEBOND

Exclusive group of experts

Participation in Flamebond meetings is only possible after receiving and accepting an individual invitation

Effective Method 

Together, we search for solutions and we identify business opportunities based on case studies analysis and by using the Problem-Based Learning method.

Interactive formula

In the meeting may participate max. 10 people. Discussions join max. 4 people, and each round of the discussions is conducted in a different group.

Many Benefits in a short time

Well-planned structure and detailed preparation of the meeting from the merit and organisational side lead to very efficient use of the discussion time.


Flamebond meetings are a perfect solution for a partner 
who wants to reach its potential clients working on high managerial positions: 

minutes of interactive, engaging meetings

minutes for informal networking activities

participants representing a target group of the partner

meeting leaders (e.g. expert, market leader, innovator)


FLAME it till you make It

Acquire new customers


  • Present your company or offer to a group of carefully selected and engaged decision-makers who want to listen, talk and share opinions. 

Inspire leaders & yourself


  • Share your know-how and experience.
  • Strengthen your image of an expert.
  • Expand your knowledge, e.g. on the market, trends and innovations. 

Build relationships


  • Meet decision-makers from industries and companies that are important for you.
  • Talk directly to the experts that you have selected

Make good decisions


  • Ask leaders for opinions and tips about your product or idea.
  • Find out the needs of your customers to customize your offer. 


To enable partners to present their offer and build relationships with participants, as well as to give participants the opportunity to achieve their growth and networking goals, the agenda of each Flamebond consists of several parts: 

1. FLAMEPITCH One or two 10-15-minutes presentations similar to TED Talks and introducing to the whole group an important and inspiring topic (e.g. challenge, idea, solution). One of the speeches may be conducted by the partner who can present a case study, innovation or opportunity.

2. FLAMELABS 10-minutes discussions in small groups, during which participants analyse a specific problem or develop new concepts. The partner can co-decide with the organiser on the selection of discussion members and join the selected group as a participant, moderator or observer.

3. FLAMETALKS 5-minutes summaries of group discussions aimed at sharing the most interesting conclusions and ideas with the whole group.

4. FLAMECAFE Informal meetings in small groups enabling the partner to get to know better the selected participants and to establish relationships with them.

5. FLAMEBRIDGE Informal, two-person meetings that allow the partner to strengthen relationships and have a direct conversation with a selected participant


Selecting the leading topic of the discussion

Selecting the main speaker from the partner's company or from the pool of external experts' (first FlamePitch presentation)

Conducting an additional presentation by the partner representative 

(second FlamePitch presentation)

Selecting all participants or part of them (e.g. by sending a newsletter with partner's article to potential participants and selecting participants based on a click-through report) 


Selecting participants for small groups: discussion groups (FlameLabs) and networking groups (FlameCafe) 



Partnership with scheduled discussion 

Possibility to choose all participants or part of them,

 as well as run the second presentation



Co-creating a new discussion


 Possibility to choose all the key elements: date, topic, 

speakers, as well as the participants 

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